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With great regret we report the passing of our colleague Dr Gwyn Chambers DSc on Tuesday, 9th December.  Gwyn came to Bangor from a post in Shrivenham in the early 1950s, and was a senior figure in Applied Mathematics until his retirement in the early 1990s.  His funeral service was held at Bangor Crematorium at 10:30 on Saturday, 13th December.  We hope to post tributes here in due course.

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Welcome to the Bangor Mathematics Web Pages

Mathematics was one of the founding departments when the University opened in 1884.

Having been a Department of Mathematics; then separate Departments of Pure and Applied Mathematics; and later a School of Mathematics; it's final form was as the Mathematics Division in the School of Informatics.

When the University was reorganised into Colleges in August 2006, what was left of Mathematics became part of the new School of Computer Science. The final cohort of Mathematics graduates obtained their degrees in July 2007.

When Mathematics was closed, the university expressed the hope that this was a temporary measure. The new vice-chancellor, Prof. John Hughes, has stated his firm intention to resurrect the School of Mathematics in due course.

A number of retired staff retain honorary research positions, and this site aims to be an archive of past and current research.

It also provides links to Popularisation activities, such as the Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics and the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses in North-West Wales.

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